This Platform Does Everything.

Easy and Affordable.

Combining your hosting, email marketing, and freelance network boosts website traffic, communication, saves cost, and expands your access to a reliable talent pool. Our secure WooCommerce Hosting, Automated Marketing Tools and easy-to-access staff + support ensure that your company can start and scale efficiently.

This Platform
Does Everything.

Easy and Affordable.

Our secure WooCommerce Hosting, Automated Marketing Tools and easy-to-access staff + support
ensure that your company can start and scale efficiently.

Post a job.Hire a pro.

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Efficiencies Explained.

Jobs that would become easier with the combination of web hosting, email marketing, and a freelance marketplace include:

  1. Website creation and management
  2. Digital marketing and advertising
  3. Freelance talent sourcing and management
  4. Email communication and campaigns
  5. Technical support and maintenance.

By having access to a comprehensive suite of tools and services, individuals and businesses can streamline their digital operations, increase their efficiency, and save time and resources.

Global Cloud and CDN Infrastructure



Our Workforce and Digital Infrastructure is available on a global scale. We employ the philosophy that with numbers we are secure

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Security and Privacy Included with our Ecommerce Hosting Systems


Security &

Offering security is one thing, but ensuring the privacy of out customers is paramount, because without privacy and security we are surfs.

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Time & Space

Jumping through hoops to build your business is part of the process.
We can help with whether your business is running smoothly.

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Don’t let the competitive prices fool you.

Metwrk is an advanced eCommerce Hosting system that allows your businesses to scale to enormous sizes with both bandwidth and staffing solutions.

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Why Metwrk?

Metwrk’s decision to not align with “Big Tech” companies can be seen as a major advantage in today’s market, as it demonstrates a commitment to privacy, security, and ethics. By not associating with these companies, Metwrk positions itself as a company that prioritizes its customers’ rights and concerns over profit.

This can be a big draw for consumers who are increasingly worried about the way that “Big Tech” companies use and share their personal information. Additionally, by not aligning with big tech companies, Metwrk can offer a more personalized service and build a stronger relationship with its customers, as they can be sure that their data is not being shared or used without their consent.

Metwrk’s approach can be seen as a major traction point for customers looking for an email marketing automation services, website hosting and workforce availability that values privacy, security and ethics over aligning with big tech companies.

We give you all the tools you need to run your business privately and efficiently

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