Gift cards are integral to any business

Why Offer Gift Cards?

Offer Gift Cards for Free with Easwrk

Much like thousands of plugins that work right out-of-the-box with WordPress, the gift card plugin installed in your Easwrk Woocommerce Hosting is designed to be a seamless and convenient solution for ecommerce websites. With it already installed into your existing ecommerce platform, you can start offering gift cards to your customers with minimal effort. Plus, with Easwrk’s top-notch hosting services, you can rest assured that your gift card system will be reliable and secure, giving your customers peace of mind when they make their purchases.


Aside from revenue without shipping a product, what else do i get?


Increased Retention

Gift cards can also be a powerful tool for retaining customers. By offering customers the option to redeem their gift cards for products or services, you are providing them with a reason to return to your business and make additional purchases. This can help to create a cycle of repeat business and drive customer loyalty over time.

Boost Sales and Customer Loyalty

Offering gift cards to your customers is a great way to boost sales and customer loyalty. By providing the option for customers to purchase gift cards for friends and family, you can tap into a new market of potential customers who may not have otherwise considered your business. Gift cards also provide an easy and convenient option for customers to purchase gifts for their loved ones, making your business a go-to destination for gift giving.


So, you need to Offer Gift Cards to your Customers.

Gift cards are an important offering for every ecommerce website, providing numerous benefits including flexibility for both the buyer and recipient, increased revenue through higher average order values, and the ability to be used as a marketing tool. Gift cards can also provide valuable customer insights by tracking purchases and redemptions. The gift card system offered by Easwrk Woocommerce Hosting is easy to manage and redeem, making it a hassle-free solution for ecommerce websites. By offering gift cards, ecommerce websites can tap into new markets, increase customer retention, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior. 

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