Let’s Play Monopoly! Shopify, Microsoft, Google and more


Ontario Marijuana Monopoly Picks Shopify for Sales Processing

The Ontario Cannabis Store, the province’s monopoly distributor of recreational marijuana, has chosen Shopify as its e-commerce platform. This move will allow customers to purchase marijuana products online and have them delivered to their homes. Shopify’s platform is known for its ease of use and customizable features, making it an attractive choice for businesses looking to sell products online.


Microsoft Considers Launching a Shopify Competitor

As the e-commerce space continues to grow, tech giant Microsoft is reportedly considering launching a platform to compete with Shopify. While no official announcement has been made, sources close to the company suggest that Microsoft is exploring the creation of a platform to help small and medium-sized businesses sell their products online.


Wired: Monopoly, Microsoft, and the Anti-Google “Conspiracy”

Wired magazine has recently published an article examining the growing number of tech companies that are challenging the dominance of Google in the tech industry. From Microsoft’s potential move into the e-commerce space, to Facebook’s recent antitrust lawsuit, the article suggests that a growing number of tech companies are looking to challenge the current monopoly held by Google.


Facebook Accused by U.S., States of Abusing Monopoly

Facebook is facing an antitrust lawsuit from the U.S. government and a coalition of states, alleging that the social media giant has abused its monopoly power. The lawsuit alleges that Facebook has engaged in anti-competitive practices, such as acquiring potential rivals, to maintain its dominant position in the market.


easwrk.com Launches on February 15th

In the midst of the growing competition in the e-commerce space, a new player is entering the market. easwrk.com, a woocommerce host, will launch on February 15th, offering businesses a platform to sell their products online. With features such as a built-in freelance network and low credit card processing fees, EasWrk aims to offer a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to sell their products online.


Let the E-Commerce War Begin: Shopify vs. Amazon

As the competition in the e-commerce space continues to heat up, two of the biggest players, Shopify and Amazon, are set to face off. While Shopify has made significant gains in recent years, Amazon still dominates the market, with a vast network of third-party sellers and a wide range of products. As new players enter the market, the battle between Shopify and Amazon is sure to continue, making it an exciting time for businesses and consumers alike.

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